Zira became BOB puppy in Malvik today

19-20. September

Amia won in jump 3 with 0 faults and got 2. place in open class. 
1 place with our team "Nidaros Bærbare".
Amia won in agility 3 with 0 faults on Sunday.

12. September
Amia got her second Lure Coursing CC and 1 place at Sona with 83,75 points.


Zira became BOB puppy at European Dogshow in Lillestrøm. 
Zira became BOB puppy x2 in Ålesund this weekend.

22. August

Amia won in jump 3 with 0 faults.

1. August
Tommy became Swedish (show) champion and BOB x 2 in Svenstavik
Amia became Swedish (show) champion and BOS.

Zira became BOB puppy and Best in show 3 puppy.

27-28. June

Amia got in Mo i Rana this weekend.
Zira won BOB puppy in Oppdal

10. May

Amia became Norwegian Agility champion in Ålesund

4. February
Geramia´s first litter is born. 2 female and 1 male.

Amia won in jump 3 with 0 faults.
 In agility 3 she won 2.and with 5 faults in Ålesund.

Amia won in jump 3 with 0 faults.

Amia became Swedish Agility Jumping Champion in Østersund.
Amia became Norwegian Agility Jumping champion
and won her second agility CC in Tromsø.

Amia won BOS on Saturday
and won in agility class 3 and won jump 3 with  jump CC

31. May
Amia won BOS in Drammen

24-25. May
Amia won Best of breed Saturday and Sunday in Malvik.

5. April

Amia 4 years today :)

1-2. March
1. place in agility 3 with CC on Sunday in Mosjøen. 

Amia got her fourth qualification to agility 3 and 1 place on Saturday in Moelv.

There was unfortunately no puppies this time. A stillborn puppy and one who died not long after birth. But all is well with Amia.

17-18.August 2013
Amia got her second and third qualification to agility 3 and is now ready for agility 3. She got 1 place Saturday and Sunday.

6 and 7. July
Gerseme`s Coquette Caramia (Amia) became Norwegian (Show) Champion. She also did well in agility: 1. place in agility jump 3 with CAC on Saturday. in agility 2 and in agility jump3 on Sunday.

18 and 19. May
Amia got her third and fourth qualification to agility 2 and is now ready for agility 2! She got 1 place on Saturday and 2 place on Sunday. 
5.April 2013

Happy Birthday :) Amia 3 years old today.

24. February 2013

Happy Birthday :) Kita 9 years old today.

 20.October 2012
Amia got her second qualification to agility 2 in Konsvinger (Norwegian Open).

7.October 2012
Amia got  her third qualification to jump 3 in Mosjøen. 

8. September 2012
Amia got her first Lure Coursing CC at her first LC competition

1. Septemper 2012
Amia got 1. place and her second qualification to jump 3 in Østersund, Sweden.

5. August 2012
Amia got her Lure coursing license

3. July 2012
Amia got and got her first  qualification to jump 3.

27.May 2012
Amia got and her first qualification to agility 2.

26. May 2012
Amia got her third qualification to jump 2 and is ready for jump 2! And got with more than 30 dogs in her class.

20. May 2012
Amia got her third CC and became BOB on a dogshow in Ålesund.

Feminine with pleasing proportions. Lovely head and expression. Well carriage of ears. correct bite. ok front. super topline. Wellset tail. correct bone. very good lateral movement. well groomed. ok coat. superb temperament.
5. April 2012
 Happy Birthday, Amia! 2 years today.

3. March 2012
Amia got her second qualification to jump 2

24. February 2012:
 Happy Birthday :) Kita 8 years today.

3. September 2011:

Amia got her second CC and became BOS on  a dogshow in Steinkjer.
16 months, very feminine sweet bitch, excellent head and expression, good chin, well placed ears and used maximally, nice neck, strong topline, correct, nice legs, need to develop more in the chest, good ribs span, excellent angulation behind and feet , moves very well. well shown